ScaleUP Interview with Yetitablet

The Vision

Yetitablet is a giant tablet and healthcare platform for an ageing population.

“We are on a mission to help the elderly with cognitive, physical and recreational therapy. To be the leading healthcare platform and a digital companion. Our vision is to build a world leading brand to change the lives of millions.”

The Founders

Read on for more from the Co-founders, Maria Jokelainen and Jarrko Jokelainen of Yetitablet.

Maria and Jarkko, parents of 3 children with Asperger’s, struggled for years to help their children learn and communicate with the world. In 2015 they discovered how interactive lessons in multimedia classrooms were the key to help their children learn, focus, and communicate better.

Using their tech and marketing experience from IBM, Nokia, and Microsoft, they built, launched, and productized the Yetitablet under the Kuori Oy business.

Kuori is now the largest manufacturer of interactive displays in the Nordics and has been growing year on year for the past 5 years.

The Product

Our large-screen tablet with interactive screens (27″-65″) has accessibility features for people with disabilities and severe disabilities — revolutionising therapy, slowing cognitive decay, and improving wellbeing.

Amit: What is the problem that Yetitablet is solving?

Maria: I believe the elderly are increasingly feeling isolated, and suffer from mental and physical health challenges. Loneliness and the feeling of social isolation are on the rise, particularly during the pandemic, dementia is also a major challenge for Governments today.

Seniors and the disabled lack visual and motor skills, they also have physical limitations in using small touch screen devices with poor usability features. They have a fear of using technology that stems from using complex, not fit-for-purpose tablets, phones, and apps.

Amit: How is the Yetitablet technology solving these challenges?

Maria: Our range of tablets from 27″ to 65″ are available for home use or in professional healthcare settings. The Yetitablet is a subscription-based platform that provides access to applications for people who lack the motor, visual, or cognitive skills to use handheld devices.

We’ve built an App Store for dedicated apps that are easy to use and purpose-built to solve challenges such as therapeutics, companionship, and reminders. Users can now access over 3 million Android Apps, including our custom-built and developer-led healthcare apps. Our healthcare apps have video enabled for calls with family to stay in touch, and digital companion features.

From a tech perspective, we’ve built our own Android OS version to offer improved access and applications for care environments, including simplified tech support in the home.

Amit: What impact is the Yetitablet having on senior citizens?

Maria: Yetitablet is optimising the physical health, cognition, activity, and wellbeing of seniors and people with disabilities by providing them better access to technology. Nursing homes, as an example, it’s changing the lives of the elderly and disabled people by relieving stress before operations and doctor visits. And at psychiatric wards, our device aids in developing cognitive and emotional skills.

Our clients share touching stories on how residents are using our technology:

“Our residents love our new Yetitablets. It’s amazing to see the impact that this technology is having already on their health and wellbeing” Tracy Lydon, Prince Michael of Kent Court

Amit: In which healthcare sectors is the Yetitablet available?

Yetitablet is currently sold and used in care homes, rehabilitation and special education centres, and hospitals. Our soon to be launched 27" tablet will be a game-changer for the direct-to-home market, empowering senior citizens to become more independent, improving their mental and physical health whilst bringing them closer to friends and family, digitally.

In a professional care setting or in the home, our users benefit from intuitive use with no training.

Amit: How about intellectual property?

Maria: Currently, the Yetitablet range consists of two sizes, 55" and 65", with a 4K LCD panel which is 50% brighter than any competitor. They have high-end processors to boost speed and can also be used with a keyboard and mouse. We have two patents pending relating to the unique electro-mechanical design, and we’ve also applied to be the only large tablet producer with Google certification.

We’ve built our own Android OS version and healthcare app ecosystem, and are constantly innovating, working closely with our resellers, healthcare groups, and app developers to expand our app universe and choice for our users.

Amit: How is the business doing currently and what are your future targets?

Maria: Our Government, health provider, and strategic channel partnerships position us well for expansion. This year, we’re on track for sales to cross €1m, to date we’ve sold more than 1,600 Yetitablet units, we have more than 30 resellers. We want to be the defacto healthcare platform for senior citizens and the disabled and have a 5-year strategy to hit €100m in revenue. We will do this by penetrating the direct-to-home market and expanding existing channels and opening new markets.

Amit: You’re currently raising funding as a seed round?

Maria: Yes, we’re looking to raise €2 million. The funding will be used to commercialise the 27” direct-to-home tablet - opening up a massive opportunity and to focus on hardware and software, deriving high margin revenues from our app store.

Interested investors can get in touch with Amit, Founder of 7 startup to discuss an investment in the Yetitablet opportunity.

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